Day 6

All students woke up with the feeling of having a long day ahead; which was correct. Five resolutions were treated in a time frame of eight hours. There was a small break in between the treatment of each resolution.  The Assembly started with a surprise. The first resolution the resolution of the committee on…(Read More)

Day 5

It was time for the delegation meetings in various cafés in Luxembourg City. While enjoying a nice cup of coffee in the morning the delegates went over all the resolutions together. What are the weak points of each resolution? Who wants to do what speech? Everything was being discussed so the delegates knew what…(Read More)

Day 4

It was a long day of debating in committee meetings and participating in a fishbowl discussion yesterday. Some delegates went out in the city afterwards and made the day even longer. Others decided to get to bed early to get a good night of sleep to be ready for today. This morning the committee meetings…(Read More)