An interview with Ton Elias

cxyfyfgxcaajjwaDuring the General Assembly, Ton Elias, first deputy speaker of the Dutch House of Representatives, gave a speech to all the delegates. After this speech we, as journalists, had the opportunity to interview him and ask him our burning questions. The first question was about what he liked more, to be a journalist (because he used to be) or member of the parliament. He remembered us that he used to be an entrepreneur too. Actually he couldn’t really choose between the three, because every occupation has its beauties. Being a journalist is interesting, because you can follow the government. Being an entrepreneur gives you a good impression on how the government treats their inhabitants. Now I’m already 9 years a KAMERLID (Dutch) and it gives him the power to really change things. He would not necessarily want to go back to the occupation of a journalist. “I’m already 62, maybe I’m going to …”.

He wasn’t surprised by how politics go. He did know how politics went, namely that often you disagree, but you have to make an agreement. Sometimes you have to follow the opponent, but sometimes you have to stick to your own point of view. The golden tip of Ton Elias was that you shouldn’t be afraid for a good debate. Know your arguments, know what your facts are and start the debate.