[WEareMEP Press] Daily Report: Friday


15167702_1617736321861281_5260245823536777672_oYesterday was the first official day of WEMEP 2016. Around 8:30 AM the Provincial Government Hall started to fill up with guys in the best suits and girls in the most beautiful dresses. Everyone was wide awake (after some coffee) and ready to begin debating. The official opening started at 9:00. The opening started with a speaker. Piet Hein Donner, vice-president of the Council of State, discussed politics in general and how proud he was to see so many potential politicians. After that, it was time for the speeches of the heads of the delegations. The Netherlands mainly produced an ad for the Netherlands. Belgium ended with quite a controversial quote, as they said: ‘We hope that on this MEP we can make Europe great again!’.

15129013_1617735491861364_8787465626930308773_oAlso there was Marietje Schaake, member of the European Parliament, took the stage and explained that participation of youth is essential to the EU. She stressed that our influence has been bigger than ever in modern-day society. The French took the stage after Marietje Schaake, and delivered a very good speech. Germany stressed that new friendships are essential to the EU. Following Germany, Raphaël Lepot, chairman of the MEP for You foundation, had his say. He wanted everyone to have an amazing experience, and also had everyone applaud for the organization of WEMEP 2016. The Luxembourgers really wanted people to remember that although Luxembourg is small, they can have a big influence on the EU. Spain wanted the youth of Europe to enlarge the degree of participation in politics. Turkey pointed at the geographical side. They told us that because they are between two continents, they can be a port to Asia. The British speech addressed Brexit, and the degree in which they disagreed with the British’ decision. It really stirred the heartstrings of some people and left them in tears. This also marked the end of the speeches.

A general photo was taken after that, and then it was time for the teambuilding activity! The delegates were put into a scenario where they had to create a perfect society. The committees were gathered by giving everyone a card and splitting them up in colors. On every card, there was a group of words. If these words and cards were arranged correctly, the committees would have seen that they have a common thought on which they had to anticipate while creating their perfect society. The teambuilding activity ended with a nerf battle, wherein we learned that the productive society was the best society! After that everyone went for a walk to the City Hall, as the committee meetings were held there. These meetings were very productive, and the experts that came in to tell about their field were a very nice addition to this. The delegates could have dinner in their host families, and that marked the end of an eventful day!

Kyle Hassing
WEareMEP Press