[WEareMEP Press] Daily Report: Monday

15178246_1618537655114481_4053072983262339729_nThe day started at the ‘Binnenhof’. When all the delegates had arrived and went through the security, everyone got to see the room where the General Assembly was going to be held. After everyone had found their seat the official opening could start. The General Assembly started with the resolution of AFCO (Committee on Constitutional Affairs), about the euro skepticism. The amendment of the UK was rejected. After a fierce debate, about for example the efficiency, the resolution didn’t pass the GA. After a short brake to stretch your legs the meeting continued with the resolution of ITRE (Committee on Industry, Technology, Research and Energy) about the issue of outdated nuclear power plants. Here the amendment passed the parliament, surprisingly even part of the committee voted in favor of this amendment. Eventually, after the open debate, the resolution passed.

Ton Elias, first deputy speaker of the Dutch House of Representatives, held after this resolution an inspiring speech about his career, the European Union and future plans. Immediately after this speech the GA moved on to the next resolution  of LIBE I (Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs), about the refugee crisis. The amendment was rejected and the open debate could begin. The main subject of this debate was the amount of refugees every country should take. The parliament was mainly concerned about the poor countries that have to take a certain amount of refugees. After the concluding speech, the resolution passed.

Unnoticed it was already afternoon, so it was time for a lunchbreak. The delicious lunch gave all the delegates new strength to continue the GA. The first resolution after the break was the resolution of LIBE II (Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs), about the question of the threat of terrorism and the role of intelligence services. The open debate was mainly about the safety, which we could maintain if intelligence services  would work more with each other. After a touching end speech the resolution did not pass. Last but not least was the resolution of EMPL (Committee on Employment and Social Affairs), about the high youth unemployment rate in the European Union. Frankly, the committee didn’t defend their resolution when the UK handed in an amendment. As you could expect, the amendment passed. After the open debate the resolution passed as well.

15095490_1618850621749851_4580933394666673335_nThe WEMEP conference was coming to an end, but not without an official ending. Speakers, such as Dirk Brengelmann, the German Ambassador in the Netherlands, and Devika Partiman, social activist, inspired the delegates for their future plans. Hereafter Manon van der Ven, conference manager, spoke a few words and then it officially ended. Luckily after the official closing, all the delegates had an farewell party in the Tramremise were they could dance and say good bye.

The WEMEP conference is now over, everyone is back in their home country. We hope you’ve enjoyed our daily reports!

Romy Harink

WEareMEP Press (out.)