[WEareMEP Press] Daily Report: Saturday

dsc_9625Yesterday was the second day with the committee meetings. The meetings were held at 3 different locations in The Hague an each location had something to do with the issues of the committees. LIBE 1 and LIBE 2 were located at the humanity house. The LIBE committees discuss the issues around immigration within Europe. The humanity house allows museum visitors to experience what it’s like to live through a disaster or conflict. Other than meeting there, the delegates got a tour in the museum. It was a journey through the eyes of a refugee. It even included fake IDs and registration forms. The tour was full of deep messages such as a mirror that showed no reflection of yourself: the message behind this mirror was that refugees are often forgotten by the outside world. It helped the delegates with their vision on the refugee crisis.

The second location, ProDemos, is an independent organization that educates and stimulates people about democracy and politics. The committees AFCO and EMPL were located here. These committees discuss serious political issues. AFCO discusses the rising criticism regarding the European Union. EMPL discusses the issue of youth unemployment. The meeting rooms were beautiful, they were full of pictures of the Dutch parliament and some rooms were even small replicas of the Dutch parliament buildings. During the coffee and lunch breaks the delegates walked and looked around the different rooms that were located on their floor. They seemed very impressed.

The third location was at the Montesquieu Institute. This is an organization with the goal to show Dutch citizens what the relations are between Dutch politics and European politics. The committee ITRE was located here. This committee discusses the outdated nuclear power plants in Western Europe. Despite the long hours and discussions, the delegates were enthousiastic and full of energy during the lunch breaks. The delegates seemed relieved about the fact that they had something else to talk about other than their resolutions.

dsc_0218After the meetings delegates went out to eat. They went to restaurants of their choice. This was a time to relax. After dinner the delegates gathered at restaurant DUDOK for the ‘bonte avond’. There was a great multicultural evening planned. Every country prepared a quiz and a typical game fron their country. Everyone enjoyed it so much that there wasn’t enough time to do all the countries! Between all the laughing and cheering the answers were being answered. Some questions were difficult to answer, some were to obvious. All in all you could feel the competition in the air. The evening ended with ‘koekhappen’. It was a successful night, everyone left the building with satisfaction, but with their head already at tomorrow. A day of even more meetings and of course the lobbing.

Nicky Huijboom

WEareMEP Press