[WEareMEP Press] Daily Report: Sunday

wemep-day-4The day started at the Haags Montessori Lyceum. The delegates gathered in the central hall. At first the delegates started their committee meetings. There they divided the tasks for the General Assembly. After these last meeting, the participants returned to the central hall for their first workshop, given by prof. E. Sutorius. He gave the delegates tips and tricks about public speaking. The three main tips were about your charisma, integrity and competence. The delegates learned a lot and gained confidence for the General Assembly. Hereafter the group split into two groups.

One group talked about the way you present yourself to your audience. They did practical exercises to present themselves better tomorrow in the General Assembly. The other group got further instructions in ethos, pathos and logos, with regard to the populism. This workshop was also given by prof. E. Sutorius.

uk-delegationAfter the workshops the delegates started their delegation meetings. Some preferred the classrooms, while others went to a restaurant to discuss over there. The teachers were also present at the delegation meetings. Here the delegates could show the rest of the delegation what they had been doing the whole week. For the dinner everyone went to the ‘Very Italian Pizza’. The restaurant filled up quickly with all the delegates. Everyone enjoyed their pizza or pasta.

After dinner the lobbying started. This took place at the ‘Nieuwspoort’. During the lobbying deals were made regarding the resolutions. Through amendments delegates can adjust and remove parts of the resolutions. In the end, most of the delegates were satisfied with what they had achieved and all of them are excited about the General Assembly on Monday.

Romy Harink & Nicky Huijboom

WEareMEP Press