[WEareMEP Press] Daily Report: Thursday

beturOur day as the journalists started at 10:00 AM at the Haags Montessori Lyceum, to prepare the arrival of all the delegations later in the afternoon. Till 12:00 PM everything worked out exactly like we wanted, but then there was the first phone call from one of the delegations: “Sorry, sorry but we’re delayed.” “Oh that’s no problem, don’t worry! It is okay,” was the answer of our lovely conference manager Manon. Honestly, she has her eyes on everything and takes care of everything. Around 03:00 PM most of the delegations arrived somewhere in Holland; Schiphol airport, Rotterdam The Hague airport, The Hague CS and HS (apparently confusing for the delegation from Luxembourg). But even the changes in arrival times and places where no problem for the management of WEMEP.

Well not everything went this smooth, because C. (we can’t reveal his real name, because of the embarrassment) forgot H. at the train station. An epitome of the dialogue:

C: “If you wait over here with the flag for the next two delegations, I’ll head back to HML.”
H: “Of course no problem! I’ll wait.”
C: “I’ll be back in like 30 minutes.”

dsc_0024In those 30 minutes a lot of things happened to H. Stangers asked him things like: “Are you demonstrating against something?”, “Do you need help?” Again and again H. had to explain the whole story and it went worse; the police arrived. But no worries, H. didn’t get arrested for “demonstrating”. He’s just a little bit traumatized. For nothing, because after 30 minutes C. was reminded of the fact that H. was still waiting for nobody.

C. [on the phone]: “You’re still wainting aren’t you?”
H.: “Yeah, sure.”
C.: “You can return, no one’s coming.”
H.: “…”

Around 05:00 PM most of the delegations had arrived at HML, to be picked up by their host families. Most of the delegates where exhausted of the long day of traveling, I quote:

“First we had to take the car, then a train, then the airplane, then another train, then the tram and then walk and know were here. Of course it was lovely trip.”

All the delegates spend their evening at their host family, while the Committee Presidents (CP’s) and Journalists where preparing for today, Friday. The CP’s were briefed for their role in the coming days and had dinner together, while the journalists were preparing the newspaper for Friday morning. Around 10:00 PM also the CP’s and journalists went to their host family. And to be truly honest, I had a lovely welcome in my host family. To every host family who reads this: take you so much for being a host family this week, you make all the participants feel like home.

With those words I’m at the end of the daily report and we all look forward to another day of WEMEP 2016.

Niek Franzen
WEareMEP Press