Yesterday was the second day with the committee meetings. The meetings were held at 3 different locations in The Hague an each location had something to do with the issues of the committees. LIBE 1 and LIBE 2 were located at the humanity house. The LIBE committees discuss the issues around immigration within Europe. The…(Read More)


  Yesterday was the first official day of WEMEP 2016. Around 8:30 AM the Provincial Government Hall started to fill up with guys in the best suits and girls in the most beautiful dresses. Everyone was wide awake (after some coffee) and ready to begin debating. The official opening started at 9:00. The…(Read More)


Our day as the journalists started at 10:00 AM at the Haags Montessori Lyceum to prepare the arrival of all the delegations later in the afternoon. Till 12:00 PM everything worked out exactly like we wanted but then there was the first phone call from one of the delegations: “Sorry sorry but we…(Read More)