Day 1 – Arrivals and Teambuilding


All the delegates were expected to arrive in Luxembourg at 3pm. This meant that some of them had to wake up at 5 in the morning. Most of them spent hours travelling by plane, bus or train. Teenagers from all over Europe came together at the Lycée Aline Mayrisch (LAML) in a state of  exhaustment.

With some jitters and nervousness,  the committees all gathered together to start the team building exercises. The committee presidents came up with some fun activities. After some awkward laughing and chit chat, they started their team building exercises which included ‘cards against humanity’ and ‘human knot’. Both are fun games to play; even more fun with people you barely know yet. After some time, the groups were switched and everyone was doing a different activity aiming at creating a group feeling.

The teambuilding lasted until 6pm. The host families came to pick up the delegates and took them home. The Irish and the Spanish delegation had some delay and joined later.

Now, let’s hope that everyone will have a good night of sleep, because tomorrow the WE-MEP 2020 will officially begin.