Day 5


It was time for the delegation meetings in various cafés in Luxembourg City. While enjoying a nice cup of coffee in the morning, the delegates went over all the resolutions together. What are the weak points of each resolution? Who wants to do what speech? Everything was being discussed, so the delegates knew what amendments they wanted to put forward.

In the afternoon, all participants came down to Dudelange in the South of Luxembourg to meet at the Pomhouse of the CNA (Centre National de l’Audiovisuel) a former industrial site of the Luxembourgish mining industry. There it was time for lobbying which required a lot of persuasiveness. The delegates had to convince others of their amendment. Only the most interesting ones would be treated during the General Assembly. You want to get as many people as possible to sign your amendment to convince the presidency to choose your amendment out of possibly ten for each resolution. 

While everyone went back to the host family to spend the evening together, the Press Team went to visit RTL (Radio Television Luxembourg).  TV journalist Pierre Weimerskirch gave them an inside tour through radio as well as television studios.