Day 6


All students woke up with the feeling of having a long day ahead; which was correct. Five resolutions were treated in a time frame of eight hours. There was a small break in between the treatment of each resolution. 

The Assembly started with a surprise. The first resolution, the resolution of the committee on Industry, Research and Energy, didn’t pass with a close result.

The second resolution was a success, which caused the Committee on Legal Affairs to be very relieved.

Next up was one of the hardest resolutions of this conference: Economic and Monetary Affairs. The use of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies was a complicated subject, leading to it being  intensely discussed with the resolution ultimately passing in the end. 

Some members of the WEMEP preferred to follow the GA from outside the room, after being hit by a mysterious virus. Fortunately, their mental strength allowed them to recover fast to follow the Closing Ceremony in the late afternoon, and to participate in the spectacular afterwork party at the Melusina in the Luxembourgish Grund.